Saturday, October 3, 2009



I was able to stop and get these shots on the way home today.

Building is yellow and white. Looks pretty nice. It is located about 1.5 miles south of International Speedway Boulevard, the heart of downtown, beachside Daytona Beach.

There is a Winn Dixie about 1/2 mile south of it and a Walgreens another 1/2 mile south of the Winn Dixie.

This is the front from across the street.

The landscaping is overgrown but that is expected.

This is the building entry.

A shot of the entrance to the parking garage.

Note the closeness of the building to the North.

To the south of the building is a vacant lot.

My old van is parked on a beach access street. No parking on the street and only pedestrians can access the beach at this point. Driving on the beach is allowed in the section of the beach.

A shot of the south side of the building.

Water in the planter walls located out front is leaching through.

This is the north side of the building with visitor parking.

The paver pool deck is in good condition but the pool water is green.

This is the view front the beach.

I saw noone but did peek in the first floor windows. A common room with a pool table, some wingback chairs and a granite wet bar. Also, through another window, I saw a fully equipped workout room and in the office, I spotted a bunch of leather bound three ring binders with the unit numbers on them. I am thinking they are the condo docs.

Hope this helps and good luck.


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